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Whether you're installing a new network, an entire office environment or just upgrading your existing system, GVT provides the expertise you need. Our Pre-Sales Engineers are specialists, certified and cross-trained on different technologies such as; Network, UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000.

Working together with you and your Account Executive, our Pre-Sales Engineers will design a solution that's right for your needs. GVT's Consulting Services include a comprehensive set of strategic analysis tools, networking solutions and strategies that help you meet your organization's business goals. These services incorporate strategies for selecting, deploying, and integrating the right technologies, products and applications for your business. You can choose from a flexible set of networking solutions, consulting services, products, and support programs to facilitate your network design, from initial planning to installation and management.

GVT's Consultants provide complete project management, ensuring seamless service delivery. They offer high quality network design capabilities, extensive communications product knowledge and significant experience across multiple manufacturer platforms, network operating systems, topologies and protocol sets. Our Consultants are certified on Microsoft, UNIX, and Linux Operating Systems; Intel, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Lucent, and 3Com networking products; as well as Hewlett Packard and Compaq systems, servers, and network and enterprise storage solutions.

Our specialists deal with Companies large and small. For a network to be designed which will closely match the needs of an organization at any stage, it is essential that the most appropriate products are utilized during the network design, to enable companies to respond quickly to business change and accommodate growth. An efficiently designed network will aid the efficiency of the business now and in the future.

Before network design can commence, our specialists will determine, in conjunction with the organization, the most suitable network operating system platforms, requirements for network transport, [cabling system, routers, hubs, bridges], suitable backup devices, servers, issues relating to email requirements, firewalls and security.
At the request of the client, an audit and site survey can be carried out. Finally a network plan will be produced to enable budget and project planning.

This strong expertise can help you evaluate how your organization can benefit from new and emerging technologies such as E-Commerce, Wireless Data, and Remote Access/Telecommuting.

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